Saturday, November 10, 2012

This is good.

Anyone checking me out now and then?

It's been a while, no noble excuses like the bleeding hearts.

Mixture of laziness, disinterest and poverty.

UK it's CCTV international leader. Hey motherfuckers, they're stamping out crime!

We'll be like S-W-I-T-Z-E-R-L-A-N-D. Do they bang up in municipal parks?? Or is it in cubicles where a nurse (Ratchett)places a plaster on the hole on the asshole?

I'm not against junkies but they make me laugh going down the road crying out for smack with their faces.

I'm on a mission, not unusual in my case. I need you to help me to work out a simple way of making crime pay again. I am not going to listen to another mealey-mouthed christian.

Sooner or later they'll get round to me. It's gonna be the carol signers. Who the fuck is 'good king wenceslas'? It's all bollox.

Fuck off.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

I see the light! Hallelujah! Takes the piss. BUT, there is a grain of truth, a truth I want to witness today, brother and sister. Care to should you wish, look at the themes about which I wrote at the start of blogging. Premature, you might say, but how did I gaze at the crystal and speak emphatically about revolution? Possible world-wide revolutions, though totally crazy, are only a single aspect of the new start blooming with many fragrant blossoms. One year ago, it was over for me, world fucked, humanity in self-destruct. Then a week ago, somethings began to look different. I am usually in step with the tao/zeitgeist, suddenly, I reviewed half a dozen of my favourite indicators to confirm once more that we are fucked. HOWEVER, the readings I am getting are that every indicator I reviewed is moving a few precious degrees out of the danger zones that concern us all. The elite are on the move, ensuring the plebs get nowhere. It is in the hands of fate; fancy your chances white boy? Might be a global 'mexican wave' of riots! The other intriguing indicator, being that major issues which constantly sadden us or cheer us up, can always mix up with volatile, unpredictable triggers that change a contained spell of rioting into total revolutionary mayhem. I am so glad that Cameron is sweating, lets get Europe lit up and send the suits to Siberia! Next job: look at the indicators and display the arguments that rightly must attract scrutiny. 


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Reason # 1  for being sick was to stay home. #2 was to eradicate as much stress as I can from our lives. 3, to avoid the consumerist/greed mentality. With incredulity, see the ongoing in's and out's folk are encountering day in, day out. The world brings us change. Never ever have we witnessed the fall of an ideology of the scale of capitalism. D'you understand that having been crushed for a few hundred years under the seething mass of Leviathan, the social contract is up for inspection. Obesity is with us at the threshold, a major sign that the state has itself desired to lose a few pounds. Possibly, were we to tend the world that is going to hate humanity, accept the wisdom of children and the preparations for a paradigm shift, there's your redemption except we only redeem ourselves in secular world peace. I say emphatically that  we have to ditch religion and politics. We have to stop destroying our children's world, listen properly, come with no preconceptions and believe they talk amazing sense. Nick Shipley refuses to think like an adult. We are all in dreadful pain, we are frightened, angry and aggressive. Do what you need to do to reach a standstill. Stop.

Picture this: we do not judge others, there are absolutely no pretexts for war. Every living thing is part of us, our love comes from our bellies. Hate is totally pasteurised (whatever).

Friday, November 18, 2011

Dave's putting on weight and, deary me, doesn't he sweat! Hairless, pasty Dave, what is going on! He has measley Merkle and the mysterious wam bam Obama to prop up his mortal remains.

There's hippies on the loose in the hoose. I don't work any more I've decided. I'm waiting for the next great thing. I aint propping up the bar at the social club. I am waiting to die, which I recommend to any folk looking for any pretext to obfuscate the stench of auto - immolation.

Horny old Sarkosy! Cuddles with Merkle to the tune of "any old iron." Get that old bier in a bock down yer neck. Anyone doing 2 economies for the price of one? Did yer spot the expansionism? The arch head of Deutschland uber alles rattles its sabre.

Angela and Nicolas sitting in a tree k i s s i n g...

Something has snapped. Soon the wolves come for the payback. If folk have been listening to the right channels, in the city, our brothers and sisters, awaken the inner urban peace-fighter.

Some cling to the current expression of social order and safety, some will have to hear the message which proliferates across UK but offers little interpretation. It's emerging - interpretation is the vehicle of the lying historians and politicians.

Just honouring tendencies that raise the vulnerable up who through many ways of suffering bring truth to bear on the job of building harmony in the home and modelling ideas for many types of community.

I'm intrigued by the ways that politicians and pundits curve the public take. Judging by the sweat on Cameron's feverish brow, someone is heading for the proverbial cowpat and custard pies at dawn. Let he who has not sinned cast the first pie.


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Caution disallows me from inciting riots. See the seedy politicians run their nicotine fingers behind their grimy collars. The noose tightens around the scrawny necks in Westminster and London City. Austerity? Riots? "Eat Jaffa cakes.." I want to tell the world that it will never ever be the same again. "You best sit out the preliminaries, mensch." Many folk occupy the Clearing in the heart of Being. Harmony's abode. Every soul on earth might see the day when they figure out the grand illusion. Hoping I will be able to blog for a while..

Friday, October 15, 2010

Just basically, the laptop I used a while back no longer works, hence quick pinch of the work computer. Bill for connection unpaid for six weeks. Half pay due to extended sick leave taking me down. Hand to mouth mostly. Catch you later.


Friday, September 10, 2010

Nothing is so ludicrous as a grown man fluffing his lines, lousing his q&a's, attracting the mirth of a smart ass.

Me, I, get the gist of loving kindness, compassion, lack of ruthlessness. Where did the punks learn about dogged domination?

It makes me want to die to the tune of "Vincent."
I cannot tolerate the perpetual backbiting, hatred and hardness in every corner of Earth. All the unheard sobs and screams of unloved children by their millions.

Adults who hide in the abhorrent misnomer, cool and sure. Yeh, sure I can. Stepped up to the mark only becoming completely certain that word is being used to direct murder and abuse at millions deemed inadequate.

I see, feel and hear the crimes perpetrated in the name of reason and the lies told to children. No-one need to keep progressing, developing and competing year after year. The children pick up the baton so olympically, primed by didactic abusers. Because I know this is true and wrong, I am dodging the 'draft'.

Am I the oldest revolutionary? No. But where are the rest?